"It's me! Alan!"


The Friday Night Project/Sunday Night Project is my latest British obsession (of which I am currently juggling plenty). Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr co-host a sketch/interview show with a celebrity, and I love them both dearly, especially the segment when they bond with the guest, as well as the clues Alan provides during the Big Fun Gameshow. To top it off, they happen to choose guests and musical acts I adore (or at least find amusing), so I know we'd be great friends if I could just get to England and stalk them incessantly.

Beth Ditto (with Kate Nash). Elijah Wood (with Heloise and the Savoir Faire). Catherine Tate (with Lady Gaga). David Tennant (with Amy Winehouse). John Barrowman (with The Coral). Billie Piper (with Texas). Kim Cattrall (with Rhianna). Gok Wan (with One Night Only). Lily Allen (with herself).


theresa clare said...

Is this one of things Dom lent you or is this on tv? I need to watch this!

Maryann said...

I've had to watch it on youtube--I only wish it was on DVD!

Allie said...

Yeah, this is just wonderful. Alan is priceless.