Still my favorite dance from all 8 seasons.


Whenever Mia Michaels bugs me as a judge, I need to remember she choreographed that. Season 3, it seems you will never be topped. And I miss the old stage!


Angela said...

I didn't think I'd like Mia as a judge because I think she can be mean during the tryouts. I find I REALLY like her though. I'm so happy Mary Murphy is gone. I liked her for a few seasons then she started irritating me. Season 3 was great. I feel bad looking back that Sabre won because she pretty much turned into a diva afterward.

Maryann said...

I know! What happened to her?

I usually appreciate Mia's judging (and prefer it to Mary's), but I'm mad she was so mean to Adechike and then lenient on Jose. It's getting better though.