Apparently Jimmy Fallon knows more about my fantasies than I do.


Because it took watching this introduction to the Emmy's to realize that the greatest fantasy of all is Jon Hamm and Joel McHale singing Bruce Springsteen to me.

It feels like 10,000 nights of thunder when I spend one with you


I'm currently listening to a lot of Alphabeat. They're Danish and have both female and male* lead vocalists, which is the best.

*His name is Anders and I lurve him. (And thanks to Dom for introducing them to me!)

Ok, ok. I'm warming up to Mike.

Photos from Mike's acting scrapbook, Ep. 519: Outlaw.

Thank you, Twitter, for making me laugh at love...again.


Remember this? Remember when Kenny Loggins started following me on Twitter? That was a good day.

Well I had a little gift waiting for me in my e-mail this morning.

And he's only following 36 more people than I--a lowly nobody who mostly follows former So You Think You Can Dance contestants. Kenny Loggins is following 759 people. Also, I'm pretty sure his twitter is just for promotion and run by staff. Trace's is the real deal. He tweets about things like mowing the lawn and how cool his dad is and how one time when he went on a date with his wife the soundtrack was from the FRANK CONNIFF PLAYLIST. I've just realized all of this may mean nilch to you, so I should give you some background just in case.

Who, you ask, is Trace Beaulieu?

(click to enlarge)

The original puppeteer and voice of Crow T. Robot. The original Mad, Dr. Clayton Forrester. Writer, set designer, host segment director, and all-around pillar of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Also, science teacher Mr. Lacovara in Freaks and Geeks. And he has fantastic legs, if we're being honest. (See episode 314: Mighty Jack.)

I'm tempted to post 25 videos of my (so-far) favorite Crow/Forrester moments, but let's be honest. My lack of wanting to share personal musings on my blog as of late has left it already chock-ful of videos to load whenever you visit this page. Which I doubt anyone does anymore. Because all I can write about is television shows. Becuase everything else is so gawddamn depressing.


The face I get to come home to


Is a pretty great one. Photos by my dad.

My latest jam.


Men Maryann Wants To Live Out Her Days With: Part 2 in a 98 Part Series


I'm in love with a boy named Nick Andopolis. I just wish we'd met when I was 16. I've been watching Freaks and Geeks, and Jason Segel's Nick has stolen my heart right from my chest. Yes, even fictional characters can make it into my MMWTLOHDW series. Not that I wouldn't mind doing so with actor Jason Segel, it's just that I want to do so even more with his Nick.

The day he's inconsolable because of John Bonham's death (for over a week). His offering to help Lindsey clean up after her kegger, and then his total repentance for trying to unsnap her bra ("John Bonham died!"). The way he holds on to her as she hangs out the side of Daniel's car on Halloween (5:55). How at the kegger he joyfully joined ultra-Christian Millie in a rendition of the Doobie Brothers' "Jesus is Just Alright", rather than mocking her:

Giving Lindsey a backrub. How polite he is with her parents. His beloved 29-piece drumset. This entire scene:

"What? WHAT?"


Nick Andopolis, you should let me love you.

Someone's been reading my mind.

Both Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker remind me of Barbra. Fortunately someone else saw it too (at least with Jen):

Lucky lady. Here are the rest.

Men Maryann Wants To Live Out Her Days With: Part 1 in a 98 Part Series


Lately the only thing I've wanted to blog about is boys. Famous boys. Boys who with their winning smiles, incendiary wit and gorgeous personalities, have won me, body and soul. Be they straight or gay, I want them in my life, permanently, to make me laugh and swoon and giggle. Today's man: Gok Wan.

Gok is a British-Chinese fashion consultant and stylist who stars in the reality series How To Look Good Naked, where he encourages men and women to feel good about themselves without losing weight or undergoing cosmetic surgery. I know, right? Amazing.

To top it off, he's a total flirt but self-deprecating and sweet as hell. The first time I met Gok he was a guest on Friday Night Project for Kim Cattrall's turn as host. He sat with Justin Lee Collins (who will soon get his own post in this series) for 'Who Knows the Most About the Guest Host' and I was smitten. His hands were all over Justin's, and after being inappropriate he innocently apologized. Not to mention his directions to Alan before wildly making out with Justin: "Look and learn."

So it's no surprise they had him back to host his own episode of the show. It's all wonderful, but the best is when he tires so much of aggressively flirting with Alan that he walks over to him, straddles him, and they lock lips for 10 full seconds (5:02). Alan is screeching and giggling and so caught off's fantastic.

He was on Cookalong Live with Gordon Ramsay and would not let the chef go a minute without blushing. "Can you stop thinking about sex and concentrate on food?"

Gok Wan, you should let me love you.

Song of the day. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I like mine with a kiss.