Men Maryann Wants To Live Out Her Days With: Part 2 in a 98 Part Series


I'm in love with a boy named Nick Andopolis. I just wish we'd met when I was 16. I've been watching Freaks and Geeks, and Jason Segel's Nick has stolen my heart right from my chest. Yes, even fictional characters can make it into my MMWTLOHDW series. Not that I wouldn't mind doing so with actor Jason Segel, it's just that I want to do so even more with his Nick.

The day he's inconsolable because of John Bonham's death (for over a week). His offering to help Lindsey clean up after her kegger, and then his total repentance for trying to unsnap her bra ("John Bonham died!"). The way he holds on to her as she hangs out the side of Daniel's car on Halloween (5:55). How at the kegger he joyfully joined ultra-Christian Millie in a rendition of the Doobie Brothers' "Jesus is Just Alright", rather than mocking her:

Giving Lindsey a backrub. How polite he is with her parents. His beloved 29-piece drumset. This entire scene:

"What? WHAT?"


Nick Andopolis, you should let me love you.


Allie said...

Did you know that Jason Segel and "Lindsey" dated in real life?!

Maryann said...

That fact makes them breaking up on the show so much less heart-breaking.

Erin said...

I need to watch this again. I love Bill and his space funk dance.