Thank you, Twitter, for making me laugh at love...again.


Remember this? Remember when Kenny Loggins started following me on Twitter? That was a good day.

Well I had a little gift waiting for me in my e-mail this morning.

And he's only following 36 more people than I--a lowly nobody who mostly follows former So You Think You Can Dance contestants. Kenny Loggins is following 759 people. Also, I'm pretty sure his twitter is just for promotion and run by staff. Trace's is the real deal. He tweets about things like mowing the lawn and how cool his dad is and how one time when he went on a date with his wife the soundtrack was from the FRANK CONNIFF PLAYLIST. I've just realized all of this may mean nilch to you, so I should give you some background just in case.

Who, you ask, is Trace Beaulieu?

(click to enlarge)

The original puppeteer and voice of Crow T. Robot. The original Mad, Dr. Clayton Forrester. Writer, set designer, host segment director, and all-around pillar of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Also, science teacher Mr. Lacovara in Freaks and Geeks. And he has fantastic legs, if we're being honest. (See episode 314: Mighty Jack.)

I'm tempted to post 25 videos of my (so-far) favorite Crow/Forrester moments, but let's be honest. My lack of wanting to share personal musings on my blog as of late has left it already chock-ful of videos to load whenever you visit this page. Which I doubt anyone does anymore. Because all I can write about is television shows. Becuase everything else is so gawddamn depressing.



loverstreet said...

sorry everything else is depressing. thank god for television/movies that speak to you. and that a man with hot legs is following you on twitter!
i miss you friend.

Maryann said...

Thanks, Lindsey. I miss you too!

Kj said...

you deserve nothing less!

Lee Staman said...

I loved that guy on MST3K! I preferred him as the mad scientist over his mother, Pearl Forrester.

Maryann said...

Se-he-he-he-riously. I haven't seen many Pearl episodes yet, but I know I will greatly mourn the loss of Dr. F and TV's Frank.