Mystery solved: Scabiosa Pods


The bride herself came to my rescue! They're Scabiosa pods, & I adore them!


And there goes today's chance for feeling like a contributor to society.


Irish dance duo Up & Over It do a hand dance.

I've been waiting for this day.


I've always loved cats who sleep in sinks. Thank God I take my computer with me to the toilet so I could snap these pictures, yeah?

Calling all people who make it their business to know flora and fauna.


Someday I'll get around to learning it myself...but until that day, can you tell me what this flower is? It was in a bouquet table setting at a wedding I went to. A wedding where I knew the person who did the flowers, so maybe I should ask him. But before I do that, can you tell me its name?

A library desk made of books!


You dress up as Oscar Wilde and I'll sing Noel Coward songs.


What I'll be eating this weekend: S'mores

What I'll be wearing this weekend: thermal underwear and Birkenstocks

What I'll be reading this weekend:

What I'll be drinking this weekend: Summer Brew

Where I'll be sleeping this weekend: my new sleeping bag

What I'll be listening to this weekend: John Denver, James Taylor, and Sandra McCracken

Who I'll be missing this weekend: