Here's a taste...


I've been screen-capping the hell out of every episode of The Friday/Sunday Night Project, and let's just say I went a little crazy. I will soon post segments of my popular series, Men Maryann Wants To Live Out Her Days With (MMWTLOHDW), devotedly entirely to Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr. To tide us over 'til then, here's a collage of Alan and Justin's "Can you imagine..." faces that they make before segueing to a dream sequence. You're welcome.


Allie said...

Did you find the show on DVD? Or are you still watching it on youtube?? I really love it, I want to watch more!

Maryann said...

I've watched most of it on youtube, uploaded by this guy:

But I also have 2 region 2 DVDs I bought that are a kind of 'best of' that I would LOVE to watch with you!