Month of a Thousand Shows!


I haven't ever kept a steady diary or journal, except maybe when traveling or one time I had a prayer journal (filled mostly with anxious pleas that my desired prom date would say 'yes' or at least let me down easy). But this last month has been so full of events that I sort of wish I had a place to keep track of all I've been seeing, but I suppose that's something I can use the ol' blog for.

With December and its MRI approaching quickly, I'm glad I've redeemed my 'Lost Summer' with such a packed Fall.

- Burn the Floor (twice, with Jennifer then Leigh)
- In the Heights (with Kristen)
- The Doctor In Spite of Himself (slightly drunk)
- Jim Gaffigan (with my Mom & Sis and MB)
- Sweet Charity (with Karen & kids)
- The Sound of Music Sing-Along (with Janelle and Theresa)
- Mumford & Sons (with Janelle)
- Sufjan Stevens (with my sis and Matt)
- And tonight, Kate Nash (with Janelle again!)


Allie said...

Ooh, Kate Nash. Love.

amber and lenn said...

that's so exciting! I just wanted to say i love the oz pic at the top of the page too! hope your doing well! I miss you!!

Maryann said...

I miss you too! We should chat soon!