Remember in A Muppet Christmas Carol when Gonzo is narrating and he says: "And Tiny Tim, who did NOT die..."


Well, if Gonzo were narrating my life, he would say: "And Maryann, whose meningocele did NOT grow back..."

It's true. My neurosurgeon saw my MRI, and the radiologist's report literally said my meningocele had disappeared! He's a bit more skeptical, saying that they found fluid in my pelvis, and he thinks that might in the meningocele, but either way, it's much smaller and not pressing on any organs, so we should be able to leave it alone unless I start feeling any symptoms to the contrary.



OurSoundHome said...

Yeahhhh! Merry flippin' Christmas, Maryann! Time for you to celebrate, and pamper yourself for sure! Woot!

Jess said...

Hooray!! 'bout time for some good news!! :)

loverstreet said...

i wish i was there to carry you on my shoulder through all of seattle and shout the good news to every passerby. instead, i will have a glass of champagne by the light of my christmas tree and think happy thoughts for you! way to fight maryann and go back for multiple surgeries until something--finally something--worked!

MLight said...

Wonderful!!!! Definitely Happy Holidays this year!