The flesh that lived and loved will be eaten by plague, so let the memories be good for those who stay


Welcome to my New Year's Resolutions 2011!

First we need to see how we did in 2010. The resolutions were threefold:

1) get a cat
2) get a tattoo
3) bleach my hair

I can proudly say, all 3 of these were accomplished. My cat is one of my greatest sources of comfort and companionship (and entertainment); I got--ahem--4 tattoos, and I bleached parts of my hair (the plan for 2011 is to truly go all platinum again).

Unfortunately 2010 was a shitstorm all its own, despite my hopes for it to top 2009. But 2011! Surely YOU are the promise of good things. And by good things, I quite literally mean no surgeries, no non-check-up medical appointments, no catheters, no IVs, no bedpans, no bed-rest, no hospitals.

I have lots of hopes for what I'll do in 2011, but only a few resolutions. The hopes are to find a new therapist: to help repair my relationship with myself (and others). To find a church to attend and serve (hopefully finding some kind of urban volunteer work there as well): to help repair my relationship with God. To start building my physical strength up again, and I should make it clear that I couldn't give a FUCK if I lose any weight. I won't be weighing myself at all. I just want to be active and in good health.

The resolutions are much less serious (even less serious than last year's!).

- Read the complete works of William Shakespeare. I may abandon this before February, but I'm gonna give it a try! I've been put off by literature, especially fiction, since my medical crap. I figure why not dive back in with the best?
- Listen to all of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Thanks to YouTube and my library, this shouldn't be too difficult (read: expensive). I might disagree with some of their choices (and rankings), but I hope to find a lot of new music to love and appreciate! Plus, with iTunes, I rarely listen to whole albums anymore, and an album that is awesome start to finish is always such a gratifying discovery.
- Maybe take a big step into 'adulthood' (whatever that is) that I don't want to discuss on the interwebs until it really happens...but it's a big deal in my little world. No, I will not be pregnant or married.

2011, please be amazing.


Erin said...

I'd read Shakespeare with you!

Kj said...

will happily read shakespeare with you as well. Aloud, with multiple voices, and lots of scholarly annotations/impromptu lectures. Everyone loves an in-home lecture, right? right? RIGHT?

Janelle said...

2010 was a shitstorm of insanity and stress for you--here's hoping 2011 is better! If not, maybe another tattoo? :) And I love the idea of listening to Rolling Stones top 500 albums...might have to get in on the action on that one.

Bridget Beth said...

I hope this year is magic and happiness and double rainbows and lots of midsummer nights dream fairy dialogue for you, Maryann!

Hey. One of my favorite moments of this year was stargazing with you and Oliver. Just so you know.

And did you see the Dr. Who Christmas special? If you haven't yet we should together because I want to see it again and I LOVED it.

Any who... (dr. Who)

theresa clare said...

Consider adding 'Visit California (i.e. Theresa) to your list of resolutions. I'd read Shakespeare with you on the phone or over Skype if you want to mix it up.

I will not be trying to be more adult in the coming year. But hopefully everything will work out anyway. Here's hoping.

Maryann said...

- Visit T in Cali--added to the list
- Watching Doctor Who Christmas Special with Bridget--added to the list
- And as for the Rolling Stone with Janelle and the Shakespeare with Erin and Kj--we should be able to fit in some of them!