#460: Elton John by Elton John


Elton John by Elton John (1970)

Favorite Track(s): "Your Song" and "I Need You to Turn To" and "First Episode at Hienton" and "Sixty Years On" and "The Greatest Discovery"

Thoughts: All the bad feelings are melting away... "Your Song" alone is a fluffy, warm, safe, loving paradise for the spirit, as anyone with ears can tell you. Honestly, I want to marry this song and retire to the country with it and 2 cats.

I had never heard "I Need You to Turn To" before and Holy. Shit. I can't get over how gorgeous it is. Listening to it feels like flying over mist-covered mountains on the back of a unicorn, headed to your fairy prince/ss.

"Take Me to the Pilot" is a rock-soul gem. The strings! The piano! The funk guitar! "No Shoe Strings on Louise" country-feel reminded me of Loggins & Messina, so of course it was great. "First Episode at Hienton" is a Leonard-Cohen-esque beauty of a song, and makes me want to change my name to Valerie. And "Sixty Years On"? How have I never heard this song? HOW? Luscious, haunting, breath-taking. Listen to it as loud as you can, and with both earphones in (if you need to use headphones).

"Border Song" gave me serious chills--full-fledged, rocking gospel. "The Greatest Discovery"? Pure joy--the lyrics here are incredible as well. If you have a sibling (or even if you don't)--listen to it. His quiet humming at the end? Glorious. "The Cage" is supa-funky, and "The King Must Die" made me think this album must never end. Some of the lyrics:

And if my hands are stained forever
And the altar should refuse me
Would you let me in, would you let me in, would you let me in
Should I cry sanctuary

Ok, I'm calling it like I said I would: ELTON JOHN IS THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME. I should give it all up now--this is the best there is. Or, every album from #459 on better melt my ears off in beauty or I. Will. Raise. Hell.

(I wanted to wait until I could listen to this album at home, as I'm fairly certain I have it on vinyl, but after the crap-fest I was forced to endure at #461, I needed some healing 70s singer-songwriting, and STAT. So the plan is to re-listen this evening on the old turntable for optimum quality.)

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Janelle said...

Also adding this to my library queue because your description is so great.