#468: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band


The Paul Butterfield Blues Band by The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (1965)

Favorite Track(s): "Shake Your Money-Maker" and "Thank You Mr. Poobah" and "I Got My Mojo Working"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS BAND. I know that's not the first time that's happened on this list, and it's not like I consider myself to know about every musical act that's ever existed, but I guess I thought I would know the artists who had released the top 500 albums of all time! Which is quite pretentious and arrogant of me, I know. Especially since there are whole genres of music that I hardly ever peruse (like, for instance, this band's genre: Blues.)

But I've watched VH1 documentaries and countdowns! And taken a Survey of Popular Music class! And my APUS history research paper was on Elvis Presley for fudge's sake! I've even watched the Woodstock documentary AND a documentary ABOUT the Woodstock documentary! And yet today's band apparently played at Woodstock. I'm skeptical.

(Post-listening) Ok, I should have heard of this band. They're really good. I've been humbled by the Blues. This is for sure the oldest album we've had yet, unless you count some of the songs on Loretta Lynn's greatest hits album. Anyway, makes me want to watch The Blues Brothers.

And yes, they were at Woodstock. Just not in the film, along with CCR and the Dead! But you should still see it if you haven't, despite the appalling omissions.

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theresa clare said...

I'm really glad you're doing this. Now whenever I need something new to listen to or I feel like I need to be a bit more cultured, I can just come to your blog and find something to listen to.