#470: Radio by LL Cool J


Radio by LL Cool J (1985)

Favorite Track(s): "Dear Yvette" and "Rock the Bells"

Thoughts: (Pre-listening) I'll be honest, guys. All I want to do right now is listen to the Evening Primrose soundtrack. This means I'm in the mood for melancholy showtunes. So if I don't end up loving this LL Cool J album, that might give you an insight into why. And now I'm all irrationally angry about their potentially being zero show/OBC recordings on this list. Harrumph.

(Post-listening) Yeah, I should have waited to listen to this one until tomorrow. For some reason starting out the morning with rap makes much more sense to me than any other time of day. Classic hip-hop and loads better than most emceeing you might hear today, but it fell on unappreciative ears this evening. I am old enough to remember LL Cool J as a rapper rather than an actor, but I didn't realize he had been on the scene this early on... I wish I could come up with something more interesting to say...Oh! When I saw one of the tracks was called "That's A Lie" I thought of two things: John Lennon singing 'that's a liiiiiie' in "No Reply" and then Mark singing 'that's a lie, that's a lie, I had a tea the other day' in RENT. Really. That's all I have to offer.

This is a record I'll file away for the day I start my Old School Hip-Hop phase.

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