#472: Faith by George Michael


Faith by George Michael (1987)

Favorite Track(s): "Faith" (of course)

Thoughts: Question: is he sniffing his armpit in this picture? Bold choice.

For some reason I expected to be really impressed by this album, and walk away from it feeling like I finally understood all the fuss about George Michael. I had faith. (Get it? Cheesy.)

But I still don't really get it. The music was just what I expected, and while by no means bad, it still wasn't this revelation of an awesome artist that I've always missed out on. But maybe more of his albums will show up here for me to try.

Maybe if I was listening to it in 1987? Who knows. The voice and lyrics seem strong, but the production seems soooo dated.


Jennifer said...

This was totally rad in the 1980s. He released "I Want Your Sex" first and it was HUGELY controversial--more so than Madonna had been up until this album. Hits included IWYS, Faith, One More Try, Father Figure, Monkey, and Kissing a Fool.

The videos were also considered newly conceptual (especially Father Figure). It's on my iTunes, but yes, I don't tend to listen to it. Time does march on.

Maryann said...

I bet it was controversial! I'm obvs to prude to like it. :) I mostly remember him from a poster in DJ's room on Full House.