#477: All-Time Greatest Hits by Loretta Lynn


All-Time Greatest Hits by Loretta Lynn (2002)

Favorite Track(s): "After the Fire is Gone" and "Rated X" and "Louisiana Woman and Mississippi Man"

Thoughts: Finally! Another woman!

Did you know Shel Silverstein was a songwriter? He wrote her song "One's On the Way"! I had no idea.

Anyway, I looove her voice, and I really like her with Conway Twitty, but the songs themselves often left something to be desired for me. Like, she sings about 'devil women' a lot and how they keep tempting her man and messing with her happy home.

A song here or there about that is fine, but holy cow, it's a BIG theme in her music. And I just want to say to her, "Another option would be picking a man who isn't going to cheat on you, so you don't have to keep bitching about or threatening these other women." (I do realize that this has more to do with song-writing at the time than Loretta herself. It just got old fast is all.)

Anyway, great classic country, and a wonderful singer. (I still prefer Patsy Cline. Apparently they were best friends.)

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