#487: New Day Rising by Hüsker Dü


New Day Rising by Hüsker Dü (1985)

Favorite Track(s): "I Apologize" and "Books About UFO's"

Thoughts: I'd never heard of Hüsker Dü before, though since they were from St. Paul I'm sure there have been MST3k references to them that I completely missed.

I have to say, I found every song on this album to be pretty unlistenable ("59 Times the Pain" and "How to Skin a Cat"--YIKES). I totally recognize that has more to do with taste than quality--I've never really cared for most alternative rock, hardcore punk or metal.

There were a lot of great lyrics in these songs, but I had to look them up because they were either shouted too loud, incoherently mumbled, or overpowered with too much noise. I know that's part of the genre, but it gets on my nerves. If I want a song with no meaningful lyrics (ergo ones I don't need to hear), I want it to be a blast to listen to for other reasons (beat, hook, melody) and this album was a bit of a wasteland for my ears--though "Books About UFO's" was an exception. Please know that I am totally open to the idea that I just need more training in this genre. That's the whole point of this venture: to hear new music. This just might be one of the instances where the album douses my interest in an unfamiliar genre, rather than piques it.

I'm hoping that this list will contain more classic rock/pop and hip-hop than anything else, but that's not to say I don't think that other genres don't belong on a 'greatest ever' list--they do. I just don't tend to associate metal or punk much with Rolling Stone.

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