#496: Give It Up by Bonnie Raitt by Bonnie Raitt


Give It Up by Bonnie Raitt (1972)

Favorite track(s): "Give It Up Or Let Me Go" and "Nothing Seems to Matter" and "Too Long at the Fair"

Thoughts: LOVE this woman and her music, thanks to my folks. And this album didn't disappoint. I expected a lot of blues-country, but a few songs surprised me in how folky they felt. And I am a sucker for folk, so when a great artist does it... just listen to "Nothing Seems to Matter", ok?


Anonymous said...

GIU - Great album, circling blues and country. I've loved this from the day I listened to it, and would never known it exists were we without the late 80s early 90s BR records.


Russell Cragun said...

I really enjoyed this album as well. I think that she has an amazing voice and can really hit some notes. I love some of the songs that she wrote and love her style of lyrics. I wrote about this album too on my blog . If you would tell me what you think that would be awesome. You can find it here