#437: Rum, Sodomy & the Lash by The Pogues


Rum, Sodomy & the Lash by The Pogues (1985)

Favorite Track(s): "I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day" and "Sally MacLennane" and "Dirty Old Town" and "Billy's Bones" and "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda"

Thoughts: Thank you, Jesus, for The Pogues. For their presence on this list, and then also just in general.

A+ for album art and name. This band is such a fantastic combo of foul language, spirited singing, beautiful musicality, and brilliant lyrics. Wikipedia classified them as folk-punk, which might be the kind of punk I should always listen to.

While it's not on this album, if you haven't given a good listen to "Fairytale of New York" before, DO IT. I hope I get to see it sung at karaoke someday!

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