#444: Music by Madonna


Music by Madonna (2000)

Favorite Track(s): "Don't Tell Me"

Thoughts: I've never been a big Madonna fan. I enjoy many of her songs, and her contribution to pop culture is obviously large, but I've never had a phase where I needed to devour all her music or watch all her movies or had to see her live.

I remember when this album came out. I was very angry about her cover of "American Pie." I was royally peeved that she cut out verses and made it into a pop song that generations of people would possibly hear for the first time from her, instead of Don McLean. (Apparently I have Rupert Everett to thank for that, because he was the one who convinced her to cover it for the soundtrack to their film The Next Best Thing. It does show up on Music as a bonus track, though.) When I saw that this album was on the list and this far up, you can imagine my displeasure. But the fact is, I didn't mind listening to this album, I enjoy some pop/dance music, but I do mind it being on this list, and this far up.

The lyrics were often generic and bland for me. "Impressive Instant" had a sound effect reminiscent of a cat throwing up a hairball. The only song I really enjoyed and found to be musically solid was "Don't Tell Me." "Music" is a good party/dance song, but was way over-played for me to like it anymore. "What It Feels Like a Girl" seems like a song I should like, but the intro is so fantastic, only to be followed up by a sub-par song that has its heart in the right place but doesn't really hit a home-run in message or mood for me. Sorry, Madge!

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