#448: Third/Sister Lovers by Big Star


Third/Sister Lovers by Big Star (1978)

Favorite Tracks: "Stroke It Noel" and "For You" and "Nighttime" and "Blue Moon" and "Femme Fatale" and "O, Dana" and "Nature Boy"

Thoughts: I only learned about Big Star within the last few years, after being introduced to the song "Thirteen" on a blog I followed. I was obsessed with it for months. I then learned that the theme song to That 70s Show is by Big Star (though I guess it's sung by Cheap Trick?).

The string arrangements on this album are effing divine. The lyrics are fresh and surprising and memorable. Alex Chilton's voice is both soothing and vulnerable. The choir on "Thank You Friends" reminds me of recent Sufjan Stevens. I want the song "Blue Moon" to be my boyfriend. Can you tell I liked the album? I DID.

Side note: Is it just me, or is the album cover way too 80s or even 90s to be 70s? Maybe this isn't the original cover art?

(Second side note: there are a whole lot of different releases and re-issues of this record, but I went with the 1978 vinyl track listing, even though the band wanted a different one. I'm controversial like that! But then I went back and listened to all the other tracks as 'bonuses', because the album was so damn good!)

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