#449: For Everyman by Jackson Browne


For Everyman by Jackson Browne (1973)

Favorite Track(s): "Our Lady of the Well" and "I Thought I Was A Child" and "The Times You've Come"

Thoughts: Here is an instance where someone is a damn good song-writer, and possibly not that good of a person. This is something I need to remember for when we get to Eminem's albums. All. Freaking. 3 OF THEM. Yes, he has 3 albums on this list! I'm trying to be open-minded about it. And failing.

Anyway, Jackson Browne. Apparently, allegedly, supposedly...there was an incident in which he participated in domestic partner abuse with then girlfriend Daryl Hannah. She never pressed charges, the police were called by Jackson because they had broken up and she was apparently taking his things. Joni Mitchell wrote a song that sounded like it could very well be about Browne, but now denies it's about him ("Not to Blame"). But we can't really know, so I continue to listen to his music. Do I admire the man? Not especially. He seems like a pretentious prick without the allegations. But he has a gift. Usually my solution would be to listen only to cover versions of his songs. Genius, yeah? But his album is on this list. And so, I listened to it.

First, I do like the album cover. Second, some of the people who sing/play on this album with him are the best: Bonnie Raitt ("The Times You've Come"), Joni Mitchell (pre-the-incident), Elton John (on "Red Neck Friend" and you can tell), Glenn Frey, David Crosby, and Don Henley. So I bet you can guess what my 'thirdly' is...

This album was incredibly good. I could have used a little less slide and steel guitar, but otherwise, just superb, sublime, timeless folk rock. Nico's version of "These Days" is still better, which makes sense since Jackson wrote it for her, but her's is so haunting and melancholy, his seems flat and over-produced. Nico's just feels like the city, and the song seems to fit that mood and setting better than the country, where Jackson places it musically. I mean, if you'd never heard Nico's version, you'd think his was great, but it can't really compare in my book.


Rob said...

I thought he wrote "These Days" for Greg Allman after Duane died. Greg covers it on the album "Laid Back".

Maryann said...

According to good ol' wikipedia, Duane died in 1971, and Nico recorded the song in 1967.

Maryann said...

But you might be right that he didn't necessarily write it for Nico.