#452: Love It To Death by Alice Cooper


Love It To Death by Alice Cooper (1971)

Favorite Track(s): "Caught In A Dream" and "I'm Eighteen" and "Long Way to Go" and "Black Juju"

Thoughts: This album was released 40 years ago last month, and it totally holds up. 1971 was such a good year for music.

One of my favorite parts of the album: the intro to "Black Juju." The song itself kind of reminded me of The Doors. I definitely recommend the whole album, though.

I used the censored version of the cover art, but here's the original one with his thumb sticking out if you're PERVERTED interested.


Allie said...

I'm perverted :)

Maryann said...

One of my favorite traits! :)

theresa clare said...

I'm like Allie.