#453: How Will the Wolf Survive? by Los Lobos


How Will the Wolf Survive? by Los Lobos (1984)

Favorite Track(s): "Matter of Time" and "Lil' King of Everything"

Thoughts: (Pre-listening) I have a confession: sometimes I get Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys confused. Which is to say, I have no idea what I'm about to hear. Is it rock? Country? Hispanic? No clue. I've heard of this band, but not sure I'll be able to recognize any of their music. But that's not important. What IS important, is that it be daaaaaamn good to be at #453, okay?

(Post-listening) Apparently Los Lobos are an American Chicano rock band. The album was alright--good for what it is, but I won't be revisiting it any time soon. One of the weirdest things was how many of their songs on YouTube had the lyrics paired with images of anime characters. Anime and Los Lobos don't immediately go together in my mind, but whatever works! I would say I'm mad this album made it it so high on the list, but I feel like it's music I can respect even if it's not my style, so I won't get too haughty about it.

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