#456: The Blueprint by Jay-Z


The Blueprint by Jay-Z (2001)

Favorite Track(s): "The Takeover" and "Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)" and "Song Cry"

Thoughts: So this album was released on a label called Rock-A-Fella, which was founded by Jay-Z. At first when I saw it I literally thought: "OMG IS THAT A THROWBACK REFERENCE TO ROCK-A-PELLA, THE ACAPELLA GROUP FROM WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO? I suddenly respect Jay-Z more than anyone else in the world." And then I realized he was probably referencing John D. Rockefeller. And I had a sad.

Anyway...Kanye West produced a lot of this album, and it's evident. This is another album where I don't care for a large amount of the content, but if I just ignore the meaning of the lyrics, it's fantastic! Though, after listening to it I requested the albums for the artists whose songs he sampled--rather than his--from my library.

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