#458: Live Through This by Hole


Live Through This by Hole (1994)

Favorite Track(s): "Doll Parts" and "Softer, Softest", I suppose

Thoughts: (Pre-listening) Guys, I know you expect me to be all, 'wooo-another-lady!' about this but of all the ladies in music, did Courtney Love have to show up on this list? I fully admit I have never listened to a Hole song in my life (that I know of), so there's a lot of pre-judgement going on here, but for the love. (Get it?) I have zero desire to listen to this right now. ZERO. And as I have stated previously, I believe that this music will in no way match the goodness that we've already found lower on the list, which will be enraging. I've also become concerned that neither John Denver, nor Kenny Loggins will be showing up on the list (it may not be true! Maybe they will!), and if this album turns out to be as annoying as I'm prepared for it to be, there will be blood. I've decided to keep a barely-open mind. I like the cover art, so there's a start.

(Post-listening) So I guess the movie Jennifer's Body was referencing the Hole song? Do I care? No, no I do not.

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Mari said...

I'm kinda surprised this album made the top 500 list...but then again, this was THE album of my junior high years. And any and all Beastie Boys albums. There, I said it. We even had Hole nicknames for each other: Tamama was Miss World, Diana was Amythyst, Lee and Little Fish (song lyrics).

Glad I've moved on.