It is now almost a month 'til my birthday.


I'm turning 26! Not too big of a deal. Less of a deal than 25, certainly. But what that means is doing my obligatory if-you-must-get-me-a-present-and-demand-it-be-something-I-want birthday wish list. If you don't want to get me anything, that's quite alright, and if you do, you're totally welcome to pick out whatever you like! This list is for the other people who don't fall into either one of those categories. I'm not sure said people exist, but just in case they do...

Before anything else, pop over to and register an account. It's possible you can use your regular account to log-in, but I honestly can't remember. If you choose to buy me any of these items, here's how: go to the vendors marketplace page for the item, and find a vendor that does international shipping (i.e. gzoop). Click 'Add to Basket' and follow the instructions. The pounds to dollar conversion should happen automatically by your bank. I do it all the time! (Or I used to before I went on my new budget.) I have a multi-region DVD player, so don't worry about that. If you were. Which you probably weren't.

If you don't feel like reading this list, you can just go straight to my wishlist!

1) Doctor Who - Series 1-4 - Complete [DVD] [2005]

This is the whole Russell T. Davies re-vamp, seasons 1-4, not including Specials, I believe. This packaging of it is only available via Another option would be just to buy a season in the U.S. DVDs, but they are pretty over-priced and I don't love the packaging as much, but I would still be very grateful and watch/lend them out a ton! The 3rd and cheapest option to show me some Doctor Who love is to buy one of the 3-episode volumes (the only one I already own is series 5, vol.1). This is all super clear, right? The bottom line: I WANT DOCTOR WHO ON DVD.

2) The Catherine Tate Show - Nan's Christmas Carol [DVD]

This one's pretty cheap! I adore The Catherine Tate Show (already own all 3 series), and I'm just missing this gem, which I've still never gotten to see all of.

3) Gavin And Stacey - Series 1-3 And 2008 Christmas Special [DVD] [2007]

This show is fantastic. I still haven't been able to see the 3rd season yet. Only the first season is available on U.S. DVD, and my friend lent me the 2nd. This is the complete set, and I would love to have it! It's fairly cheap!

4) French & Saunders Series 1-6 Box Set (6 discs) [DVD]

French and Saunders! All of their series! Hilarious and wonderful and two of my most favorite comedians!

5) Roger And Val Have Just Got In - Series 1 [DVD] [2010]

And finally, here's a show I've never seen before, but it's Alfred Molina and Dawn French in a sitcom, so, you know, I need it.

Again, I'm happy to receive nothing or anything. But if you want some guidance (and are willing to do a little extra work by buying from amazon UK), here it is!

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Allie said...

OMG Alfred Molina and Dawn French? That sounds amazing!