The way he sings "secret longing"--OMG


Remember when I did all those Favorite Michael Moments posts to help me get through the summer of '09? Those were fun. I miss doing them. Tonight I've been watching The Wiz on TV, which I adore. Did I ever do a post on The Wiz? I should someday. "Brand New Day" is one of my top 5 'Get Pumped' songs of all time.

Anyway, I had forgotten about this video, and I love it, even though it's much too short. It's Michael at a Disney Theme Park (I have a hard time telling them apart--I haven't been back to either since childhood), singing a mash-up of songs. His voice was so perfect in the early 80s.

I want Kj and/or Spiro to know that they have to recreate this and film it for me the next time they go! (They can probably definitely name which park he's at.)


Kj said...

Disneyland- it has the Matterhorn

Maryann said...

there you go.

Kristen said...

I seem to remember singing some pretty great CCM hits in matching t-shirts at Disneyland in 2001. You were there too. 15 is well out of childhood and into adolescence, my friend!

Maryann said...

You are so right! I must have repressed that because of the traumatic 'backstage' of Disney we experienced. :)