#408: Mezzanine by Massive Attack


Mezzanine by Massive Attack (1998)

Favorite Track(s): "Angel" and "Teardrop" and "Dissolved Girl" and "Black Milk" and "Group Four" (in a TV/Movie context. Or drugs.)

Thoughts: I'd like to say that the introduction of more Bristolians excited me, but we remember how much I liked the last band from Bristol. Massive Attack is categorized as 'trip-hop' which is not, to put it politely, a particular passion of mine.

Listening to this album probably would have been better with the influence of drugs, but I can only assume that. Maybe the combination would have made me paranoid out of my mind.

Sober, it was less fun. The highlight was "Teardrop" which was not only pretty (and therefore a giant departure from most of the album), it's also the House, M.D. theme! And really, I think that's where this music belongs: as soundtrack/score. I'd totally love it paired with a BAMF scene from a TV show or movie, but without any additional context I get tired of it. Overall, I preferred the middle of the album, and not the bookends.

Yes, as usual, it is entirely possible I'm too cheesy and traditional to 'get' this kind of music. (Or that kind of album cover--BARF.)

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