#409: Beauty and the Beat by the Go-Go's


Beauty and the Beat by the Go-Go's (1981)

Favorite Track(s): "Our Lips Our Sealed" and "How Much More" and "We Got the Beat" and "Can't Stop the World"

Thoughts: Any band on this list is in for a WORLD OF HURT today if they do not bring their album a-game, because I have the emotional stability of a something-that's-always-crying-and-angry this afternoon.

Fortunately for the Go-Go's, I like them. Massive Attack, who are up next, consider yourself ON NOTICE. (I've never actually heard a Massive Attack song--not that I know of--so I shouldn't pre-judge.)

Beauty and the Beast is peppy, tight, and a joy to listen to. I don't love the album cover, but I can forgive that when the music is this fun. It would be a great road trip record.

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