#414: Dummy by Portishead


Dummy by Portishead (1994)

Favorite Track(s): "Roads" and maybe if in the right mood, "Glory Box"

Thoughts: Bristolians, woooooo!

But as for the album...meh. It has the same issue for me as PJ Harvey--dark and 'sexy' and mechanical without any hopefulness or warmth, leaving me disconnected from feeling rather than embodying it. Does that make sense only in my head? Probably.

Like, I love a good wallow, but I need music with more elements to it than oooh lusty dark depression. This is another album that I would expect to hear playing at the Bronze in Buffy after a dark plot twist. Which is great for that, but unless it's the 90s and a teenager needs to rebel against their unfair supernatural circumstances in a small Californian town, I don't want to listen to this.

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