#419: Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes (featuring Veronica) by The Ronettes


Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes (featuring Veronica) by The Ronettes (1964)

Favorite Track(s): "(The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up" and "Be My Baby" and "Baby, I Love You" and "Chapel of Love"

Thoughts: Who loves some Phil Spector Wall of Sound? This lady! 60s 'girl groups' (which reminds me of Joel Hodgson telling the 'bots about the 60s and saying, "Women were called 'girls'!") are always welcome in my musical collection.

I used to sing "Chapel of Love" all over my elementary school chapel. Which is ironic, since I am never getting married. HA! In your FACE, childhood! Seriously though, I think I just loved Father of the Bride (the Steve Martin one, not the creep-tastic Spencer Tracy original). The only problem is The Ronettes' version is not the one I love. The Dixie Cups' is my favorite.

It's amazing how simple most of these songs are, following an almost identical songwriting formula, and yet they are timeless and classic. Or I just really love Dirty Dancing. "Be My Baby" is undoubtedly one of the best songs of all time. Why it got THIS album artwork, I have no idea:

Ronnie is singing 'be my baby' to her love interest, not 'let me be your baby.' Yet she is the one wrapped in a diaper with no legs in the arms of Sherlock Holmes? Ah, sexy infantilization of women! Classic.

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