#420: Kid A by Radiohead


Kid A by Radiohead (2000)

Favorite Track(s): "How to Disappear Completely" and "Optimistic" and "Idioteque"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) First, I definitely like the album cover.

I have to confess the first song of Radiohead's that I actually liked and listened to was "No Surprises" off OK Computer. I can't remember if I'd heard it somewhere and went looking for it, or if I intentionally decided it was time to buy a Radiohead song, and that was the one I choose based off the 30 seconds I heard of it on iTunes. Irregardless, I listened to it on repeat for ages during the months in between my surgeries. I even had it as my alarm tone for mornings.

I've always known people to be die-hard Radiohead fans, and I just never really got it. Which is why I'm glad today I'm glad I'm doing this list, because I get to actually sit down and spend time with this album and band. I hope I like it, since so many seem to, but we'll see!

(Post-Listening) Um, I didn't hate it. I probably should have started out with OK Computer, because I read about this album being a reaction to that one's popularity, and so they really tried to do things differently for Kid A, and maybe I needed to already love the band in order to love this album (my personal tastes not often tending towards electronica or experimental music). On its own, I probably won't revisit it, unless I'm really hankering for some alien/melancholy/mechanic-sounding mood music. But if I someday become a massive Radiohead fan, I'm sure it would grow on me in time.

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