#421: Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons


Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons (1974)

Favorite Track(s): "Love Hurts" and "Ooh Las Vegas"

Thoughts: I always associate Gram with Emmylou Harris, and don't actually know much about him. He was formerly in The Byrds, and then started touring with Emmylou (who sings on this album). He died four months before this album was released from an overdose of morphine and alcohol.

I expected to like this album more, since it's country folk and I adore Emmylou. But it was pretty disappointing. Only a couple songs particularly stuck out or seemed original. There's even a live medley that was included on the album (perhaps by the decision of the label rather than Gram) where halfway through someone in the audience breaks a glass, and you can hear someone cleaning it up for the rest of the medley. Super distracting. That should be a bootleg, not an official track!

The quality of the music makes up for its blandness, but I'm still bummed it wasn't a better album.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Gram was a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers, with future Eagle Bernie Leadon and Byrd Chris Hillman.

Even worse, the 'live' medley is actually a production addition - a studio re-creation.

I thought 'Return of the Grievous Angel' and 'I Can't Dance' were fine tracks.

Nice observation on the quality of the band. They (James Burton, Glen Hardin, Emory Gordy, Ronnie Tutt) were members of Elvis Presley's TCB Band, later to become Emmylou Harris' Hot Band.

Maryann said...

I saw he was in the Flying Burrito Brothers, but since I'm not very familiar with their music I decided not to mention it.

Good to know about the medley--it was awful.