#424: Sleepless by Peter Wolf


Sleepless by Peter Wolf (2002)

Favorite Track(s): "Growin' Pain" and "Never Like This Before" and "Five O'Clock Angel"

Thoughts: (Pre-listening) Ahem. Who is Peter Wolf? I've heard of Peter & the Wolf. But never Peter Wolf. But maybe that is my own oversight. Maybe this Peter Wolf is better than Elton John and Bruce Springsteen who've come before him, and all the artists who didn't make it on this list. YOUR MOVE, WOLF.

(Post-listening) Alright, I did some research. Peter Wolf is the former head singer of the J. Geils Band (I would have thought that guy's name was J. Geils...). So there's respect for that. Also, this album featured back-up vocals by Mick Jagger, so that's good too. Basically this album seemed like it was crafted with care and talent, which made listening to it a surprising delight.

"Growin' Pain" and "Homework" sounded like they belonged in an episode of True Blood. Which some people might not be interested in, but I am! Other songs had a very country-rock-Americana feel, akin to John Mellencamp or Steve Earle (who also sings on the album). To top it off, there's a track called "Oh, Marianne."

You know I how I know this is a good album? I would buy it for my dad.

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