#425: Another Green World by Brian Eno


Another Green World by Brian Eno (1975)

Favorite Track(s): "St. Elmo's Fire" (no, not that one) and "Everything Merges With the Night"

Thoughts: (Pre-listening) I am in such a rut with this list. Can you tell? Is it obvious? Maybe this was a terrible idea. I want to scrap this whole thing and make my own gawddamn list. It's not Brian Eno's fault. Well, actually, maybe it is.

(Post-listening) UGH. There were too many bare, monotone instrumental tracks on this album. Maybe some of them would have worked as film scoring, but even then for a film that doesn't embody emotional intelligence of any kind. Too harsh? Honestly, I've heard music on hold more compelling than most of this. Should not be on the list at all, in my opinion. Most of the album could hardly count as music! It's just sounds, strung together in a seemingly random order! I'm mad! You know what could have been at this slot instead? A JOHN DENVER OR KENNY LOGGINS ALBUM. You know, music that was written with the purpose of people listening to it. HARUMPH.

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