#426: Outlandos d'Amour by The Police


Outlandos d'Amour by The Police (1978)

Favorite Track(s): "So Lonely" and "Roxanne"

Thoughts: I expected this album to be more varied. So many of the songs seemed similar and bland. I think the problem is how much I like Sting's solo work, so I want these albums to sound like that. I needed to hear "Fields of Gold" or "Fragile" or "When We Dance" today and there was none of that on this album. Which is totally fine, and I know that this is their first album and they're young and angsty and energetic--the very music I was not looking for today.

I still don't know if it belonged this far up--considering my bad mood or not. Good grief, I'm a downer. I'm sure all these albums I'm disliking are amazing to people with good taste!

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Anonymous said...

Plain and simple! I like your work!