Comic Relief 2011


I know, I know, the BBC is barfing up all over my blog lately. DEAL WITH IT, I say. This last week was the annual charity broadcast that aids 'vulnerable people across the UK and Africa' called Comic Relief, which includes a special evening of programming, dubbed Red Nose Day. Comedians and famous-people-not-necessarily-known-for-comedy do special mini-episodes of their shows or sketches with the hope that viewers will watch and then phone in and donate. Some of my favorite shows and people have participated in the past, and this year was no different.

Uptown, Downstairs Abbey
(with Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Kim Cattrall, Harry Enfield, Simon Callow and many more! A spoof of Downton Abbey, and if you haven't seen all of it, beware of *SPOILERS*--also it won't be half as funny)

(Part 2)

Smithy Saves Red Nose Day (with LOADS of guest stars)

Miranda at the Dance Studio (Tom Ellis in his 'dancer's outfit' is ADORABLE)

Miranda performing with JLS (skip to 1:50 unless you happen to be a fan of boy band JLS)

Fake That (with Alan Carr, Catherine Tate, and and David Walliams)

And finally, Doctor Who...*

(Part 2)
*Can I just say, I would have DIED if Ten had looked at a companion's body like Eleven does at Amy's legs at 1:38. But instead of dying all I could think was HER HUSBAND IS RIGHT THERE. Doctor Who, please don't turn this into Torchwood, where everyone can be interested in everyone else and nothing means anything? I'm WANTING to like Eleven, I'm WILLING to like Eleven, I'm WAITING to like Eleven (who catches that reference?), but I think Amy Pond is in my way. I want the adventures of Rory and the Doctor. Can you tell I didn't love this sketch? I preferred the Christmas Special. (Probably, in retrospect, because it had very little Amy.)


Allie said...

Thanks for sharing those! My favorite was the Downtown sketch.

theresa clare said...

That reference (willing, wanting, waiting) reminds me of My Fair Lady, but I don't think that's what it's from. What is it?! I know I know it!

Maryann said...

that IS the reference! Well done!