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Because 6 shows weren't enough...(update: my sweet, sweet sister got me seasons 1 and 2 of Being Human for my birthday, so if you know me I will be forcing you to watch it the next time we're in front of a television together. Also, I have the feeling I'll be writing a tribute post to the show soon, hopefully with as few spoilers as possible.) There are a few more shows I realized I forgot!

The Mighty Boosh. I might need to do a MMWTLOHDW post about Noel Fielding (the one with the fabulous hair).

Spaced. And a MMWTLOHDW post about Nick Frost. Plus, Joan Redfern! I can't believe I haven't watched this series LONG before now.

Peep Show. Strange, but original and growing on me.

That Mitchell and Webb Look. Same two guys from Peep Show doing FANTASTIC sketches. My sides are splitting!

Yes, these are all still British shows. I'm hooked.

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Allie said...

All watch all of these things with you! The Mighty Boosh is my faaaavorite