Currently watching


Packing and cleaning makes for lots of TV watching. And in this case, lots of British TV watching.

I'm jumping around between all of these shows:

Misfits. Darker and more adult than I thought it would be (that's British drama for you), but super good!

Doctor Who. Making my way through the first Doctor's adventures. The Keys of Marinus has been the best one yet.

Merlin. A sexy bromance for the ages, these two.

Being Human. Stayed away from this for awhile, but all the tumblr love I see for it intrigued me. So far, very good!

Coupling. I'm still warming up to it. Feels sort of forced so far...but I'm sticking with it.

Torchwood. Working through this one with Kj. I wish it was better, since it's part of the Doctor Who canon and therefore should be amazing or at least just plain fun, but so far it's rarely either.


Allie said...

"Misfits" is definitely pretty dark. But I'm hooked. Can't wait for series 3.

I feel the same way about "Coupling." I feel like it's sort of dated in it's humor. I think I just got through three eps.

I've only seen the first three eps of the American version of "Being Human" (which I really enjoyed!). Are you watching the British version online??

Maryann said...

I'm halfway through season 2 of Misfits, and I'm completely hooked.

I started watching the British 'Being Human' on on Netflix (discs, not instant play) and was so hooked that I've gone to the youtubes to watch the rest--it's too good to wait!

I'm scared to watch the American version, but probably will eventually out of curiosity--glad to hear you liked it!