#403: Strange Days by The Doors


Strange Days by The Doors (1967)

Favorite Track(s): "You're Lost Little Girl" and "People Are Strange"

Thoughts: Not loving the album art, though I guess it makes sense for the title.

"Horse Latitudes" will give me nightmares. The rest of the album was very...Doors-y. Which is good if you love The Doors! I like The Doors. And this album didn't have my favorite songs by them, so it left me a bit cold. But it's The Doors, so it belongs on the list. Did I say 'The Doors' enough times for you? THE DOORS.

Gosh, what a breeze today was. Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Doors. We've got some ladies coming up next! One of whom I am excited about, the other not so much.

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theresa clare said...

CONDO UPDATE. Give it to me now!

(no pressure)