#406: Pink Flag by Wire


Pink Flag by Wire (1977)

Favorite Track(s): "Lowdown" and "Surgeon's Girl" and "Fragile" and "Mannequin"

Thoughts: I know, two punk albums in a row. The Rolling Stone 500 is testing me. And yes, this was my first-ever hearing of this band, as well as the Minutemen.

I am impressed by the album cover, and the fact that this music was written in the 70s, which for some reason really classes it up for me. Because that makes it...classic?

Anyway, not much to say here except that it wasn't amazing. It was good. Does it belong on my fictional 500 greatest punk albums list? Sure! But not on my 500 greatest albums of all time. Just not cutting it for me.

It's well established I don't love punk, so I can't be that mad about this being on the list. I just don't have it in me today to be furious over it.

Ofta. I think it's time for a best-of post to help me remember the great stuff...

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