#407: Double Nickels on the Dime by The Minutemen


Double Nickels on the Dime by The Minutemen (1984)

Favorite Tracks: "Cohesion" and "Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want the Truth?" and "No Exchange"

Thoughts: THERE ARE 45 TRACKS ON THIS ALBUM. Can you see why I've been putting it off? Good grief. And this a punk trio. 45 punk songs.

But I surprised myself, and really enjoyed this album. They had super clever song names (i.e. "Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing" and "The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts"), and the 'punk' was still very listenable--I could comprehend the lyrics and actually find a beat to rock out to. Many of the songs sounded the same, so it's possible the album could have done with some editing, but the songs were good enough (and brief enough) that it didn't bother me too much.

"Theatre is the Life of You" reminded me of Jesus Christ Superstar, and unfortunately, the song "Corona" of course reminded me of Jackass. Because the intro is the show's theme song. The rest of the song is much better.

But yeah, I would actually recommend this album! Well done, Rolling Stone!

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