By request: Condo update!


Mostly Oz, but part of the Condo!

Just kidding. I mean, that picture does take place in the condo, only it's hardly an update. This week I'm working to get some final-ish things done around the place with the help of my dad (move some things to storage, hang some more art, etc.), but then I promise to show you some more of my new digs. And the many ideas I have for improving it!

The first thing you should know about it IS in the photo, and that is the place is bursting with mirrors. Mirrors EVERYWHERE. And if I didn't already think my cat was vain, the mirrors have cinched it. He's obsessed. Sometimes he'll stare at himself or just plain attack, which is quite fun.


theresa clare said...

Oh my god.

I got so excited and then POOF, you took it all away.

I realize that I am needy and will try to be patient, but Maryann! Dont play with me that way!!!

p.s. Cute kitteh!

OurSoundHome said...

I love him!


more, more, more! On the condo ;-)