#376: Sunflower by The Beach Boys


Sunflower by The Beach Boys (1970)

Favorite Track(s): "Deidre" and "It's About Time" and "Tears in the Morning"

Thoughts: Our first Beach Boys on the list! Huzzah! This is their 16th studio album. It was very pleasant to listen to--sweet, fun, melodious. Life-changing? No, but then The Beach Boys never were for me, except with Pet Sounds (though I believe I'll disagree with the highness of its ranking on this list, despite its greatness). My favorite song was "Tears in the Morning" and it all had to do with Bruce Johnston. Holy crap, why didn't he do most of the lead vocals? His voice was so much more interesting and moving than any of the others! I am his newest biggest fan.

Solid album, certainly worth a listen.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?: This is awkward, because I think there has always been a big rivalry between The Beach Boys and The Beatles (which was always shocking to me because they seem to do such different kinds of music...and there was never any contest in my mind...), especially on the part of the The Beach Boys, which makes sense because they don't seem quite as revered for their contribution the history of music. I mean, they are VERY revered, but not like, BEATLES revered, you know? Anyway. This was their first album since The Beatles broke up, so this would have been their moment to really take the spotlight and make a statement! Did they? I still prefer A Hard Day's Night. By leaps and bounds.

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