#377: The Modern Lovers by The Modern Lovers


The Modern Lovers by The Modern Lovers (1976, but recorded in 1972)

Favorite Track(s): "Hospital" and "Girlfriend" and "Modern World"

Thoughts: At first I was more than peeved that this band was so high on the list without me every hearing of them, but then I learned that this was the only album they ever made, so it isn't all that appalling that they'd slipped my radar.

But after listening to the album, the actual music became the more likely reason why I'd never heard of them (and why I don't grieve their lack of discography). This is another one of those albums that I believe is here because of its influence on the genre or other bands, and not because it can stand on its own as timeless and extraordinary. Their wikipedia page says that the album contains songs that were 'stylistically unprecedented.' So...there you go. If new wave/punk/alternative is something you're into, go for it, but I won't be re-visiting The Modern Lovers.

Is This Better Than A Hard Day's Night?:


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Anonymous said...

Of course you have Jerry Harrison, guitarist from the Talking Heads, and David Robinson, drummer from The Cars, participating.

This band, as a precursor to the seminal 'next acts' in each musicians' life makes the album a curiosity.