#383: Country Life by Roxy Music


Country Life by Roxy Music (1974)

Favorite Track(s): "The Thrill of It All" and "All I Want is You" and "Out of the Blue" and "A Really Good Time" and "Prairie Rose"

Thoughts: First, you should know this isn't the real album cover--it's the censored version. Usually I like to do the original cover, but this one is NSFW. Also, I find it sad because the music is so good it shouldn't need naked ladies selling it--naked ladies who aren't even in the band.

Oh, but the music. Apparently 'art rock' is a thing and it is one of my things. Bryan Ferry's voice is so full of character and 70s rock panache. I think I preferred this album more than For Your Pleasure. It reminded me more of my favorite song of theirs (the album on which it is a track--Stranded--didn't make the list) "Mother of Pearl" (skip to 1:23 if you're not feeling the hard rock intro).

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