#385: The End of the Innocence by Don Henley


The End of the Innocence by Don Henley (1989)

Favorite Track(s): "The End of the Innocence" and "New York Minute" and "The Heart of the Matter"

Thoughts: This is one of those albums that remind me of my parents (of which there are many), and makes me nostalgic for childhood. I love these lyrics from the title song:

But I know a place where we can go
That's still untouched by men
We'll sit and watch the clouds roll by
And the tall grass wave in the wind
You can lay your head back on the ground
And let your hair fall all around me
Offer up your best defense
But this is the end
This is the end of the innocence

UNF. So sad, so good. "I Will Not Go Quietly" sounds like it belongs in a High School Musical sequel, even though it features Axl Rose. Parts of "Shangri-La" reminded me of Prince. And "The Heart of the Matter" just begs to be sung at karaoke. After 5 or 6 drinks, that is.

Sheryl Crow and Melissa Ethridge do background vocals on the album. NBD.

My favorite Don Henley memory is hearing him singing the Eagles' version of "Please Come Home For Christmas" at a Beijing resort in July.

Also "Leather and Lace" with Stevie Nicks. Apparently they were dating at the time, which makes me love it even more. The way he sings 'when I walked inTO your house'. Also, what is more romantic than someone walking into your house and knowing they never want to leave (unless they're a creepy stalker)?

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