#386: Elephant by The White Stripes


Elephant by The White Stripes (2003)

Favorite Track(s): "Seven Nation Army" and "There's No Home For You Here" and "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself" and "In the Cold, Cold Night" and "I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart" and "You've Got Her in Your Pocket" and "Ball and Biscuit" and "The Air Near My Fingers" and "It's True That We Love One Another"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) This is another band that I know people adore, and I just seem to keep missing. So here's my opportunity! This is our earliest album to date, as the list was compiled in 2003 and no other albums have been newer than 2002 (Beck, Coldplay, Wilco, etc.). That means that even though this album came out that year, enough people voted that it as being one of the greatest albums of all time enough times to put this far up the list. NO PRESSURE, JACK AND MEG.

(Post-Listening) "There's No Home For You Here" reminded me of the Beatles, and they covered a Burt Bacharach song! So I was in love by only 4 songs in. The range of their musicality (is that a thing?) is just fantastic. I don't think I realized the White Stripes had such diverse songs. But I love it. I also wasn't aware that Meg does some singing too! And I adore bands with male and female lead singers. *GUSH* *GUSH* *GUSH*

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