#387: The Pretender by Jackson Browne


The Pretender by Jackson Browne (1976)

Favorite Track(s): "Your Bright Baby Blues" and "Here Come Those Tears" and "Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate" and "The Pretender"

Thoughts: I think I overall prefer For Everyman, which we listened to back at #449, but I feel like The Pretender is considered his best work. Is that correct? It does sound ahead of its time to me, and if I listened to it not knowing the year it was released, I for sure would have said the 80s.

Just like For Everyman, he brought in a ton of my favorite people to help out: Roy Bittan, David Crosby, Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley, Jon Landau, Russ Kunkel, and Graham Nash. So it was hard me to do anything but love it. Great album.

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