#392: Eliminator by ZZ Top


Eliminator by ZZ Top (1983)

Favorite Track(s): "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Legs"

Thoughts: Whoooo, baby we are whizzing through these mothers aren't we? Two reasons: jury duty set me waaay back (and in case you were interested: the dude was guilty), and also because I saw that ROXY MUSIC (!) is coming up soon on the list! Baby, I'm trudging through the mediocre and wretched and occasionally brilliant to get to you!

The more time I spend on this list the more I think I should have been born when my parents were so I could have grown up with the music they listened to in college (I mean, thanks to them I technically did grow up with it, but I'm talking about when it was new and current). Which would mean they wouldn't get to be my parents, so even though my musical taste may wish for long, un-shampooed hair and wooden platforms, overall I'm glad I was an 80s baby.

Right, ZZ Top! We did their Tres Hombres back in January. I liked the rock, not the blues. This time around (a good ten years later in their discography) the album cover is much worse (as I am not a colossal fan of cars, and especially not of 'car art,' though the fairy wings are a good touch) but the music, ooh baby, was soooo much better. "Gimme All Your Lovin'"? Any fan of The Santa Clause (or classic rock) says 'Yes, please!'

"Sharped Dressed Man" is, of course, timeless. And "I Need You Tonight" is dead sexy (in a sleazy, only-acceptable-in-the-80s kind of way). "Legs" is super fun, and "If I Could Only Flag Her Down" had me rocking out in my chair.

Great album, for sure.

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